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Power Quality - The Problem

Since the advent of modern, microprocessor based control and process technologies, the issue of power quality, particularly Surges, Sags and Spikes has become a more pertinent issue. Poor power quality has consistently been identified as the underlying cause of system failures, resulting in costly down-time and expensive maintenance.

Short term overvoltage conditions. Can cause erratic operation of systems and processes. Premature failure of sensitive equipment can be a long term effect

Short term undervoltage condition. Can erratic operation of sensitive control and process equipment. Usually associated with switching of high power loads and subsequent drop in supply voltage.

Spikes or Transients
Fast rise-time high energy spikes can cause, premature failure in every imaginable way, from isolation breakdown in transformers and motors to spurious operation of semiconductor based equipment.

In environments where the mains grid infrastructure is poor, over/under voltage states can prevail. In these circumstances, equipment can function sporadically at best or not at all.


The Solution - REOSTAB

The REOSTAB Voltage Stabilisers can solve all of these problems and with a lower cost/kVA ratio of any other automatic stabilisation method. Read More.


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