Voltage Stabilizers
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REOSTAB Voltage Stabilisers


The REO range of voltage stabilisers are designed to be easy to specify, easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Easy to Specify
The REOSTAB range of voltage stabilisers are available in single or three phase options, upto 3 x 1000 A per phase. All you need to know is your input voltage and your total load current - what could be more straightforward?

Easy to Install
All of our units are factory tested and configured to operate perfectly when you receive it. No time consuming procedures or calibration required! Just connect the unstable mains supply to the REOSTAB and your equipment to the accurate regulated output.

Easy to Use
You ve bought it, you ve installed it - throw the switch and you are using it!


Voltage Stabilisers

Easy to Maintain
The REOSTAB range of voltage stabilisers use just three main constituent components, so the units are very reliable. However unforeseen problems can occur, so with every REOSTAB unit, we provide:

Spare Fuses
  Spare Brush for the REOVAR Transformer
  Comprehensive fault finding guide
  Circuit diagram and schematic picture
  Spares list and ordering codes, specific to your unit
  Our factory set-up and test procedure

This enables you to solve most problems quickly and efficiently, ensuring that any down time is kept to an absolute minimum.

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