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In recent times, REOSTAB have helped to stabilise voltages to medical and other important services and institutions in the developing world. Larger REOSTAB units can be configured to control the mains supply to test laboratories and industrial plant to ensure consistently smooth, trouble free operation.

The standard range caters for single phase units from 1 kVA to 50 kVA and three phase units from 5kVA to 200kVA. However, by utilising our special column type variable transformers, we are able to manufacture units upto 1 MVA and beyond.

As a manufacturing company, REO can easily incorporate options into any of our designs. Typical options include:

Metering, current, voltage or frequency, analogue or digital
  Safe Start, to ensure output is within specified limits
  Bypass switch
  Circuit breakers or fuses
  Transient protection
  RFI interference filtering


This is by no means exhaustive, contact us for any special requirements that you may have.  


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